FDA Certificate is a mandatory document for some products to be sold to the American market. What is FDA Expansion? While it is among the curious topics, it is a definition that stands for FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In order to be included in the FDA processes, Excopan serves with its ecosystem partner based in the USA for the follow-up of FDA processes. With the Excopan ecosystem, you can perform your FDA procedures with Excopan consultants in your own country without leaving your place.


The FDA, which operates under the United States Department of Health, works on issues related to the food and pharmaceutical industry. Some of the topics among the issues that the FDA works on are as follows:

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Medical devices
  • Products containing radiation
  • Vaccine, biological component
  • Animal products
  • Veterinary products
  • Cosmetics
  • Tobacco-containing products



What is FDA and What Does It Do? The subject is important for companies that want to export to America. Some products must be approved and have a certificate of conformity when exported. The American Ministry of Health requires a certificate of conformity in order for various products that concern animal health as well as human health to be sold within the country.

This document is requested from exporting companies and companies producing within the country. This ensures that healthy products are offered to the domestic market. The Food and Drug Administration, the American Food and Drug Administration, is known by the abbreviation FDA.

Products that do not have this certificate cannot be offered for sale in the USA. Medicines, foods, cosmetic products, animal products, medical equipment, radiation emitting devices, biomedical devices cannot be sold in the US without FDA certification.


What does the FDA do?

What does the FDA do? The question is important for companies that want to export to America. Some products are inspected while being exported. This inspection mechanism, which concerns various sectors, is used on products related to human and animal health. In addition, this document must be obtained for companies that produce in the USA.

Inspection is mandatory for some products purchased by the US from foreign countries. For this, there are organizations that work. FDA is also responsible for the inspection of some products. The FDA, which works with the aim of protecting human health in the products that the US public will use and that concern various sectors, is an organization that has responsibilities regarding the import and export of some products as well as their production. In addition, the FDA has inspection authority when it comes to products related to animals.

The FDA operates with a wide jurisdiction. While the organization publishes various publications and provides information about its standards, it also informs about which certifications must be complied with regarding the products. The organization, which works with the institutions of various states, has authority in foreign trade.

The FDA's standards are accepted and referenced by many countries. No product that has not been approved by the FDA can be sold in the United States market. Therefore, products that comply with the standards set by the organization can be exported to the USA.

FDA stands for


FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, which is the American Food and Drug Administration. Products that do not comply with FDA standards cannot be sold in the American market. The products of companies that do not have FDA registration are blocked in the export process. While the American food market is protected by this organization, these studies are needed for public health.

FDA Solutions

What is FDA Approval?

What is FDA Approval? The answer to the question is also among the curious ones. FDA approval requires an inspection process that must be applied to some products exported by the USA. In addition to food, medical devices, medicines or cosmetics must pass an inspection in order to be offered for sale in the USA.

This inspection is not limited to the products listed above. It is also required for products used for animals or products containing tobacco. The US government conducts inspections to ensure that products closely related to human and animal health to be purchased from foreign markets can be sold in the domestic market. This inspection is carried out by an organization called the FDA, which works under the Ministry of Health.

After the products are inspected by the FDA, they receive a certificate of conformity. In order to have this certificate, compliance with the standards set by the organization is required. This certification process requires some stages to be passed.

Foreign companies that want to export such products to America first contact representative companies operating in the country. After negotiations with representative companies, some agreements must be signed. Receiving consultancy services in this regard accelerates the process and prevents disruption. For this reason, companies that want to export follow the transactions through consultancy firms.

In order to obtain FDA Approval, first of all, it is necessary to apply to the representative offices in the USA. FDA requests some documents from companies during the application process. These documents must be prepared completely and accurately and the details must be understood correctly during the implementation of the procedures. However, with Excopan's unique ecosystem approach, the way of doing business, even internationally, is being reshaped.

The FDA certificate, which is a mandatory document for companies wishing to sell their products in the US market, states that the product to be sold is reliable. Manufacturers and exporters must ensure that the contents of their products comply with the procedures requested by the FDA. After the content of the products becomes appropriate, FDA approval certificate must be obtained.

In the case of products consumed by humans and animals in the USA, American and foreign companies working on these products must obtain FDA approval. This document must be obtained for the manufacturing, storage, packaging and export stages of the product.


Our partner in the USA monitors all stages of FDA Registration for you step by step.

FDA Registration is a work that must be done in accordance with American law. Many products for human and animal health that are exported to the US or produced by domestic companies undergo an inspection. This inspection is the responsibility of an organization called the FDA.

Local or foreign companies are inspected during food production, product packaging, product storage or any other process. This inspection aims to protect public health. Inspection is not only about public health, but also about animal health. For this reason, FDA approval must also be obtained for products that concern animals.


If the products come from abroad, they must be approved before export. For this, the application processes of the companies must be provided in accordance with the procedures. Companies work with representatives in the USA to obtain FDA approval.

The FDA is considered the only regulatory body for food. Under the Bioterrorism Act, products for human and animal health must be inspected. Companies that export such products to the US or manufacture them in this country must obtain FDA certification. Without this certificate, some products cannot be sold in the domestic market, while there are obstacles to their export to the country.

While companies wishing to export must have an FDA certificate, some work must be done to obtain this document. Obtaining consultancy services from intermediary companies in the application processes speeds up the workflow and helps to submit the documents in full and complete.

Companies wishing to take part in the US market must obtain approval for products such as food, medical devices or pharmaceuticals. This approval document is known as FDA approval, which is accepted worldwide. FDA certificate is a document required for products offered for sale in the American domestic market. FDA certificate is issued after registration.